Products Made From the Heart, With Nature in Mind

Gear Grove — Our Story

My husband and I married in 2009, had our first daughter at the end of that year, and moved into our new house a year later. The next two years were filled with home renovations and the birth of our second daughter. During these years, and many before, we worked regular, 8-5 jobs. I spent years in IT and he in Sales.

We often talked: If we could do anything, what would it be?

In 2012, we formed Gear Grove. It comes from our love of hand-crafted wood designs, and photography.

What’s to love about our design products?

Each one has a story; a story about where the wood came from, the ideas behind the designs, and when it was made. In other words, our customers know that the red oak bench they are sitting on was carefully made from a fallen tree from the north woods of Wisconsin. We like to think of it as a connection.

Most of the wood we use is repurposed or reclaimed. It often comes from nearby land, shipping pallets, or salvaged from houses or buildings ready to be demolished. Our tables, benches, headboards, made from maple or oak, all have a history.

The idea of creating something with soul is what drives us. A table with old wood, aged, and imperfect, or that bench from the fallen tree now has life serving as a relaxation place. 

A story and a promise, that all of our products are:

Made from the heart with nature in mind.

We love what we do. We hope you love what you see.