Products Made From the Heart, With Nature in Mind

Gear Grove — Our Story

Gear Grove was formed in 2012 with a love of hand-crafted wood designs and photography.

In the years since, we've built a business around true collaboration with our clients. We don’t just create tables for boardrooms or desks for home offices; we work with clients to create a space that fosters creative energy, encourages comfort, and is stunningly unique. Using reclaimed and urban wood along with new lumber allows us completely customize your space while conserving natural resources. Thoughtfully created spaces bring people together, and we’re happy to help create spaces where people enjoy spending time - because in the end, time is the one thing you can never get more of.


In business, collaboration and creativity are key. When Gear Grove works with businesses to create office spaces, we keep these values in mind by offering modular designs & pieces that encourage people to share and collaborate on a daily basis. We’ve designed completely custom spaces for firms that can be effortlessly rearranged when employees want to work together as well as boardroom tables recovered from urban materials.


Your home is your personal space, and we take that very seriously. Gear Grove listens to your needs and ideas and brings them to life. Create a beautiful cigar lounge for intimate conversation or an in-home bar to host your friends and neighbors. Whatever you want to do, we’ll be there with the insight and ability to create it.

Retail and Restaurants

Guests know character when they see it. When you create an environment with character, you encourage them to not only spend their time and money, but to return with their families and friends. Dining areas with reclaimed wood and warm-industrial accents create an organic and welcoming environment that emphasizes the freshness of the food and the friendliness of the waitstaff. Retail spaces that feel natural and inviting encourage guests to linger and inspect your merchandise.

Whatever your Project, Gear Grove is Ready

We know that you’re not satisfied picking furniture out of a catalogue and having the same look as everyone else. Gear Grove wants to collaborate with you to bring your visions to life. Give us a call with whatever you’re thinking, and we’ll start designing your new space.